Happy Birthday to us!

We are so excited to celebrate this milestone with all of you. Our baby, Mochiis, was born out of a failed Kickstarter campaign. We still remember desperately trying to rack up more pledges at the end of the campaign. We sighed when the campaign ended and we were not funded.

Towards the end, we decided to not give up and not accept defeat. Based on the initial feedback we got from our first set of customers, we were confident we could succeed in the crowded shoe market. We believed in our mission to work with artisans and provide them access to a very different customer base. Tanu and I decided to bootstrap the venture through the savings we had from our corporate day jobs.

This past one year has been a roller coaster ride. We have grown from being an infant. We started crawling. We started exploring. We are still very curious and learning. And we hope to grow into a responsible toddler and then into a grown up fashion brand.

The first year was filled with a lot of good firsts - our first customer, our first pop-up shop, our first award, our first intern and our first expert consultant hire. Of course had our share of bad firsts, our first dissatisfied customer, our first messed up design. We have ironed out a lot of issues and learnt a ton in this last year. Throughout the year, we stayed inspired, believed in ourselves, were always self-aware (of our brand, of our customer experience) and were willing to quickly change based on customer feedback.We have a ton to learn this year, and we look forward to bringing some amazing things your way.

A big shout out to the entire community, our families, our friends, our friendly acquaintances and our customers. We are really grateful for everything and we hope to start walking and enter toddlerhood this year.

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