Lessons learnt from the Kickstarter Campaign

Our Kickstarter campaign just ended, almost reaching 50% of our goal. We put some thought into understanding why the campaign did not succeed, and wanted to share our conclusions with you.

In hindsight, we developed a good network of influencers – but not in time. We should have reached out to influencers and backers well before launching the campaign. We started our pre-launch marketing a week before the campaign and reached out to influencers a week into our campaign. Everyone who saw and wore the shoes, loved them. However, we got the word out late.

One of the reasons why we reached out to influencers and began the marketing somewhat late was that we were still evaluating different manufacturers and working on different designs and constructions into late spring. Therefore, we did not have a sufficient number of samples for pre-launch marketing.

Having learned these and other valuable lessons, we believe we now understand what we need to change. We will shortly begin accepting pre-orders through our website, and prepare for the next crowdfunding campaign in a more structured and aggressive manner. We are planning a new collection in Spring 2018, and will implement changes to our strategy going forward.

We would like to thank you for your continued support and backing. We are determined to continue bringing fabulous and high quality shoes to you.

Please visit and sign-up at www.mochiis.com (if you haven’t done so already) to be posted on the launch of the pre-orders, and of our next crowdfunding campaign.

Thank you for being a Mochiinista!

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