Shoes that you can wear with eyes closed

My preschooler always messes up while heading out the door - he switches his shoes the wrong way, and I have to flip them back for him.  Yesterday, while telling him where the big toe went, I wondered if shoes had always been mirror images - did pairs of footwear always have a right and a left?  

Digging through some history taught me that shoes started off being interchangeable - there wasn’t a “right” foot (pun intended!) until circa 1850. Vagaries of manufacturing, fashion, and changing perceptions of comfort caused shoes to evolve into left and right.

While a majority of shoes worn today are chiral (being left- and right-footed), some traditional footwear designs have remained perfectly interchangeable.  One such design originates from the Indian subcontinent, and are known as Juttis (also known as Mojaris or Khussas).  They are flats with stretchable leather uppers and with cotton stitches that help them stretch to perfectly mold to individual feet.  After a few days of wearing them, they mold themselves into shoes custom-fitted to your feet!

While the popularity of Juttis is increasing, designs available on the market are often too traditional, and do not readily lend themselves to contemporary fashion.

Mochiis footwear present a unique contemporary twist to traditional Juttis.  Mochiis flats go with a variety of fashion styles and looks, and deserve a place in a fashionista’s wardrobe.  And you can slip them on while admiring yourself in the hallway mirror, without looking down.  Become a Mochiinista today - follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and sign up on our website at to get some early bird specials on our upcoming Kickstarter campaign!