Realizing a common passion for stylish footwear over brunch one day, we (friends and cofounders, Zeba and Tanu) came up with the idea of launching a line of these traditionally crafted and contemporary designed flats in North America. We have used our expertise in materials science and engineering to better understand the fabrication and construction of shoes.  We've spent the last few months developing a support system for bringing Mochiis flats to life - and we hope you will help us too!

Our mission is to preserve the original art of making unique fashion goods and introduce it to the rest of the world. Mochiis is an effort to rejuvenate the industry and provide our artisans with a steady source of income. For our customers, we are keeping costs low by sourcing directly from the artisans, and selling direct through e-commerce. Our business model is a win-win for both artisans and customers.